Behavior has four core client services.

Interactive user experience design is not just about building web pages; it’s about building lasting relationships between customers and brands through powerful, useful, and usable products and services. The first step is strategy.

Behavior's user experience design team is our heart and soul, committed to building elegant, compelling, and reliable user experiences. We're specialists in interaction design, visual identity and branding, usability, and motion graphics.

Each step in Behavior’s design process is a storytelling opportunity. We craft the story of your site’s success; we envision the user experiences as a narrative journey; and we build creative solutions that tell stories to awaken, educate, and inspire audiences and customers.

Whether we’re building an end-to-end technology solution an elegant front-end user interface for an enterprise platform, our technologists deliver robust, efficient, and cutting-edge solutions to meet exacting user experience and business requirements.