HBO's Game of Thrones Viewer's Guide



Behavior worked with HBO to create the Game of Thrones Viewer’s Guide as an online companion to the new HBO series based on the epic fantasy novels of George R.R. Martin. Running parallel with HBO’s extensive marketing efforts for the series, the goal of this cross-platform project was to orient new fans and satisfy longstanding Martin devotees with a spoiler-free experience.

The Viewer’s Guide serves as the ultimate online reference to the series, allowing users to toggle between an elaborate yet easy to use interactive map and a guide to the houses. It’s a handy and entertaining tool that can be easily accessed on a desktop browser or a tablet device. The guide includes an extensive amount of exclusive content related to the characters, plotlines and locations in the series. Content is strategically tied to the relevant points of each episode and deep-links encourage fans to share their enthusiasm by giving them the ability to like and tweet every page and screen state.