MoMA: Picasso Guitars 1912-1914



Behavior reunited with the Museum of Modern Art to design a multiplatform companion website for the exhibition Picasso: Guitars 1912–1914. The show highlights a breakthrough moment in Cubism and features over 40 works detailing the artist’s inspiration and techniques for collaging, drawing, painting, and constructing.

Conceptually the user experience centers on Picasso’s studio. The composition allows users to see various paintings, drawings and sculpture positioned next to each other for users to compare. We want visitors to get a sense of what it was like to have such a large body of work in a single environment and think about their influenced over one another. Users are invited to explore the work on multiple levels by rolling over the piece to see a magnified view revealing high-resolution details of rich colors and layered textures. We created opportunities for MoMA curators to feature audio commentary from a variety of notable contributors that was updated throughout the duration of the exhibition.