February 25, 2016

Co-Founder Jeff Piazza discusses emojis in AdWeek’s SocialTimes

SocialTimes - Facebook Reaction Icons

Co-Founder Jeff Piazza was recently interviewed by AdWeek’s SocialTimes on the launch of Facebook’s “Reaction” emojis and what it means for brands trying to interpret their users’ feedback. Read his comments below and access the full article, “Can Facebook’s Reactions Actually Help Business Better Understand Fans?” at AdWeek.

“Jeff Piazza, co-founder and user experience director of Behavior Design, told SocialTimes to be careful in weighing how they value Reactions:

While it is beneficial for brands to clearly see who felt angry or sad in reaction to posted content – it hopefully will not come at the cost of user commenting. Emojis can be taken out of context without words, and it’s difficult to use them as a true barometer for user reaction. By nature, the reductive properties of emojis can cause discomfort if you don’t clearly align with any of the options. The bottom line for brands would be that they can’t rely on “Reactions” to understand how their customers really feel about them – there simply aren’t any nuances to a single reaction. In fact, the sentiment of the “Wow” reaction is already causing debate in social circles. On the positive side, “Reactions” provide a low-barrier to entry and voice for users to provide feedback, especially for those who don’t identify with “like/dislike.” Ultimately, this is a positive step toward improving the user experience and engagement for brands on Facebook.